I am delighted to present Ikatart . It is a brand of exclusive accessories representing stylish and historical images in the modern light. The collections of the brand is characterized by natural bright and juicy fabrics decorated with individually designed embroidered and prints which were lost at the beginning of the XX century and restored by the founder and designer of the brand - Fatima and her family. 

    Uzbek Ikat became again very popular these days due to technical procedures and symbolic meanings of ornaments which present artistic expressions of the Uzbek nation. Its connection with the past, symbolic language, ritualization used to grasp cosmic unity according to traditional Uzbek understanding. Being inspired by the "heartfelt" history and culture of the Uzbek nation, what in turn makes our work meaningful, we tried our best to keep this cosmic meaning in our unique accessories.

    The brand was founded in 1996 by Fatima and her sisters and became a family legacy. From 2012 it turned into craftsmanship which employes more than 100 ladies, where almost half of them from impoverished families. IKATART is delighted to give a chance for young ladies to Desire, Commit and Succeed. 

    Within a few years, the brand gained popularity not only in Uzbekistan and the CIS countries but in the EU and the USA. It is one of the genuine brands in Uzbekistan focusing on Style, Quality, Uniqueness, and Femininity. 

    In the future, the brand plans to produce its line of clothes, shoes, and jewelry. 

    Made with PASSION & PATIENCE 💗

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