You are welcome to my world of Ikatart & Folk tales!

I am Fatima from magical city Samarkand. The city from the fairy tale 1001 nights and which is known as Rome of the East. It’s so impressive that once you visit this city you never feel like going back. The city and people will cast magic on you, you will be spell bounded by the charm of them.  

From this city, I present Ikatart as you know is derived from ikat fabric, the design obtained from the beauty itself. The products made of natural fiber by the artisans who have soul in it. You will be able to connect yourself with the culture and people through ornaments and prints in purses made with great love, care, and perfection. Products of Ikatart will bring love and light, beauty and luck into your life and connect you with your dear ones. 

I was born here in Samarkand and the journey of Ikatart begins 20 years back as an agile teenage girl who wonders to take this small family-owned business to the world. At that time, it was a dream with no names but the name just loomed in mind and grown bigger to become Ikatart.

Ikatart went through a long path to perfection starting from just hobby to the recognizable brand which focuses on style, quality, uniqueness, and femininity. The collections of the brand are characterized by natural bright and juicy fabrics like ikat, silk, cotton, and viscose, decorated with individually restored designed embroidery.

The family business soon turned into craftsmanship which today employs more than 100 ladies from different small provinces of the country. Almost half of the team is from impoverished families and the brand is glad to allow young ladies to express, desire, commit, and succeed. These ladies bring their images of life into items and get a chance to earn a livelihood through Ikatart. The tangible work with soul is seen by people who feel that the luck and happiness favor them when they contribute valuable input purchasing items. Whenever I hear these stories my heart goes out to my family and team who worked hard in this project and thanks almighty. 

Within a few years, the brand gained popularity and now it is one of the genuine brands in Uzbekistan. Its platform to save a heritage, design, craftsmanship, give life to the dying art of hand made products as it used to be in old ages, representing stylish and historical images in the modern light.

Once again welcome you to the magical world of Style, Beauty, Happiness, Smile, Love, Light, Luck, Femininity or just one name to represent so many attributes IKATART.

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